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A community based approach to online marketing


Do Social Smarter, LLC is different. Our educated and experienced team provides comprehensive Social Media Management with an emphasis on Sales and Lead Generation through Community Engagement. We learn your community and how to engage your followers through community partnerships. We leverage social media to align your brand with local charitable organizations and increase your brand cache and reputation.

Enhance your Reputation

Elevate your brand’s image in the eyes of your customers and the communities in which they live.

Engage your Community

Become community champions while gaining followers.

Expand your Brand

What if night and day, someone worked tirelessly to keep your brand on the minds of current and potential customers? We mine social media on a local level, to find and connect with your target prospect on a personal level.

Our Team

We put our people first, meet the team that delivers magical results


After studying both Finance and Psychology at Liberty University, Jon worked as a financial advisor helping his colleagues juggle the rigors of strict financial compliance departments with online sales prospecting and Linkedin engagement. Most recently Jon has been working with the automotive industry, helping businesses utilize social media emphasizing local Yelp community engagement.


Ryan has spent almost a decade crafting messages for sports programs, nonprofits, churches, labor unions and small businesses. His strategy has always been to utilize strong relationships to build compelling stories and brands. Ryan has a degree in corporate communications from Elizabethtown College.


After graduating from Liberty University with a communications degree, Tim honed his social media chops revamping a local bed and breakfast’s online marketing and helping churches with their media, both online and off. He can usually be found tweeting about the San Antonio Spurs and watching comedies with his wife.

Elevating Possibilities

Tailored results-based social media management and increased brand awareness across all channels. Let us help you become more successful. Contact us today to get started.

Building Brands

As the social media landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and the use of social media marketing in business is no longer a choice, it has transformed business in a way that cannot be ignored. With well-conceived social media strategies, businesses have the opportunity to build their brands and relationships to dramatically expand their reach. The brands that understand employ the correct social media strategy to build a solid future. Those that don’t will ultimately be lost in the digital galaxy.
Is your business ready to become a social media juggernaut?


Our Custom Package Includes

We’re your go-to team

Do Social Smarter, LLC takes the place of the digital communications or social media manager position at your company, providing you with a seasoned social media professional to ensure that your online presence is flawless.

We’re here

United States based and educated, we have the most up-to-date knowledge about U.S. trends and local happenings.

We build your network

We maintain and build your network across the most critical social media platforms both Facebook and Instagram.

We make sure you’re seen

We also ensure that you are listed in major internet directories, making your products or services more easily accessible on Google and the internet as whole.

We can be your voice

Our team can learn or develop your company’s voice and provide timely responses to posts that increase your customer engagement while protecting your company’s reputation in the market.

We’ll keep you updated

We provide you with monthly progress reports, daily spam control, and industry-specific articles to keep things fresh and exciting.


“I love when I witness customers truly engaging with a business via social media platforms. That’s when you know they have a customer for life.”



“We strive to create real, honest connections with our clients and work hard to ensure that they’re happy. After all, that’s what social media is all about!”



“I truly enjoy what I do every day. Creating voices and stories for our clients, and connecting them with their customer and community members is really fulfilling.”



Are you ready to see what Do Social Smarter can do for you? Are you ready to create a well defined and professional social media presence that will earn you more followers and more brand champions? Are you ready to do so in such a way that creates value for your community? What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below for a complimentary social media check-up and to see how Do Social Smarter can work for you.


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